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Randy Smith, Success Coach

From Randy Smith:
(Marketing Strategy & Personal Development Coach)

A few words about Annie.
As she is a member of a coaching program I’m deeply involved with, I’ve had the pleasure of not only answering written tickets, checking her mind maps and processes, reading through her high quality articles and moreā€¦

I’ve also spoken with her on many occassions – and she is Not Just a very talented writer with an ability
to break things down into ‘plain speak’ for others But she is also very knowledgeable and fluent in her
verbal communications.

I look forward to seeing her progress as she creates products to help others and details her journey as she
moves forwards in her new passion.

Randy Smith

A few words about Randy Smith – Randy is my main contact at Partnership to Success, and you just.simply.can’t ask for a better, more understanding coach. As a very successful and seasoned ‘Netpreneur, and the founder of MediaKettle.com, there is no better voice in your ear to settle you down and get the ball rolling again.

Annie McGuire, NoAngstMarketing.com

From the desk of John Thornhill:
(Product Creation & Marketing Coach)

I don’t normally write a public testimonial for my students until they have a product
created and ready for launch. However – I’m happy to make an exception for Annie.

She is one of those students who we just ‘know’ will produce a great product filled with value
and quality content. The reason we know this is due to seeing her
writing on her blogs and her communications with myself & my team.

She is Professional, Works to a high standard, and seems excellent at the planning and working
out processes. Hence I’m genuinely looking forward to her Journey. And the products she will create along the way.

John Thornhill

John is, quite simply, a millionaire-maker. Some you’ve heard of, some you never will because they are the quiet ones of Internet marketing. If John tells me to do something, I damn well do it. He’s been making money online for yonks, and has fallen on his face enough times that he can tell you with absolute certainty what works and what doesn’t.

Annie McGuire, NoAngstMarketing.com