Lead Generation Flow Chart

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This is the leading graphic for the eBook I’m writing for you, coming out in July, 2019. It’s all about gathering interested (and often interesting) people into your circle so you can help them with your knowledge and experience. People who trust you because you care and are knowledgeable and experienced will buy from you. That’s just the way things work.

Those people are called leads, and the process of acquiring those leads is called lead generation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to find and keep organic customers? Customers who have a personal stake in what you have to offer? Customers on whom you can depend to keep coming through for you so that you have a dependable income? I’m smiling big time as I write this because the thought makes me all kinds of happy. You, too?

An organic customer, like organic traffic, is acquired through spending quality time, however short, with your niche community and through the sales of helpful, actionable products to your niche community.

I’m writing this book for you so that you can visually absorb the lead generation steps you may be avoiding because either you don’t know what they are or don’t understand what people in the know are talking about.

Video is cool, but I’ve watched many a video and found myself re-winding and re-winding because I didn’t understand what was said or didn’t really catch on to what was being shown, or was interrupted. I hate re-winding. It can be very frustrating, right?

Well, with visuals, there’s no rewind. The drawing is there for you to stare at until you get it. You can refer to it over and over again without trying to figure where you saw it in the video.

If you’re a cartoon buff, you’re gonna’ love this. You get to learn through fun graphics that spark your imagination. Dontcha’ just love having your imagination sparked? Kinda sexy, isn’t it.

In the book, No Angst Marketing presents Starting @ The End: A Graphic Guide to Lead Generation Funnels, I detail each step that connects you with a stranger in your target market, and leads that stranger to buying a product then, voila! becoming one of your repeat customers. Repeat customers are a good thing. They’re worth a lot of money. Duh.

To write the book, I’ve applied years of online experience with current tests of what does and doesn’t work for today’s online niche crowds.

Here’s what you get:

$ What a lead magnet is, how it works (for real), and how to create one

$ How to write your Welcome emails

$ How to write your promo email sequence that leads prospects to an affiliate offer or your own product offer

$ How to run multiple lead generation series at the same time

$ How to create a winning squeeze page

$ How to create social networking ads to attract your market to your lead magnet

$ How to create posts that attract your market to your lead magnet

$ How to create a simple sales funnel to your own product

$ How to follow up with your customers to ensure future sales.

When I see that the book is near to being finished, I’ll be notifying each person who writes to me below that the book is up for pre-sale at the amazingly discounted price of $______. Nope, you have to sign up to find out.

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