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Ever open a course and have that overwhelming urge to skip to the last lesson?

Totally natural.  The urge to see what’s behind the curtain before we’re prepared to understand what we’re seeing is a fact of life.  The curiosity directive is overwhelming.

Unfortunately, diving into module 10 of a 10 module course before studying modules 1-9 can cause a discouragement factor that is equally overwhelming and the next thing you know, that $$$ course you just bought with great intentions ends up on the shelf, unread, unwanted, a source of angst and misery.

The same holds true, regardless of the learning method.

… I spent hours reading stuff that landed me nowhere because I was reaching ahead of my personal learning curve.

When I decided to get into Internet marketing, I beat myself up countless times by trying to pick up on information I wasn’t ready for, whether it be through research on the ‘net or through courses or other products I purchased.

Sorry, can’t help it, the thirst for “the big knowledge” right now, right this minute, gets me every time.  Before I got smart about studying Internet marketing, I spent hours reading stuff that landed me nowhere because I was reaching ahead of my personal learning curve.

My learning curve flatlined.

It had to stop.

AHA!  I found a way around it. 

I found a way you can use that over-your-head information to – get this – develop a better understanding of the baby steps you need to take, plus figure out where you are going to begin with.  Who woulda’ thunk it?

This is what I started doing:

I use Notepad, but any note-taking app will do just fine.

This is the look we are aiming for

List of post topics added to a folder using Notepad

The above is a snapshot of one of my Content folders in my No Angst Marketing workspace.  Each document (file) is a reminder of a post or article I want to write with reminders of my thoughts at the time.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Documents, the basic folder is created in Documents on your computer.  Here’s what it looks like:

What My Documents looks like on a computer

We will be using the note taker to set up a set of document reminders that look like bullet points within a folder.

1.Create a folder titled LEARNING.  As you move along, within that folder you can create sub-folders for the different facets of Internet marketing (Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and so forth) so you don’t get lost.  It’s okay to store the same document (file) in more than one folder.

2. Search the Internet to your heart’s content.  I’ve made a list of the best study sources for you.

3. Every time you land on a piece of information you don’t understand, create a file in your note taker.  This is what it should look like for starters (eCommerce is just an example):

How to take your notes

4. Save and title the file (document) eCOMMERCE

5. Flesh out the information on the document or create more files for the file bullet point look in your work space.

Keep doing the same thing, breaking down your new “bullet point” files in whatever information categorizing system makes it easy for you and keeps you from getting lost.

The reason I don’t use Evernote or Notebook for this exercise is that the bullet point quick look is very important, and cannot be achieved with either of those apps. 

So there you go.

You are now building your very own course, personalized to your own interests and available time, created in such a way that you can find what you are looking for in a heartbeat, PLUS determine which direction you want to take first, PLUS gather material for articles and posts of your own.


Start your comment like this – “Hi Everybody, I’m using this system to learn about ….”

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