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I am SO glad to see you here because it means you are fed up with financial uncertainty and are prepared to build yourself a sustainable, dependable online income.

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Hi. My name is Annie McGuire. I’ve been online since before Windows. For those of you fresh to the Internet, there was a time when the window was all black, everything was written in code, and the only way to connect to knowledge was through agonizingly slow dial-up. Thank heaven those days are gone; plus, today’s Internet is so much prettier. 😀

And today’s Internet is rampant with opportunity.

In my 50’s, my talents laid in building a large international online company in the nonprofit corporate arena. I could never have done that in bricks and mortar: the expense would have been overwhelming. Instead, I built everything on the computer sitting on the secondhand desk I bought for my guest bedroom.

I retired from that endeavor as President Emeritus in 2011, turning the company over to my Board of Directors, and a few years went by. Couldn’t help it, had to climb back on the Internet to build something else. This time, I wanted to make myself some serious money, buy some property, pick up a new car, like that.


I had never seen such a disorganized jumble of

methods and products in my entire put together.

Something had to be done.

Enter No Angst Marketing

No Angst Marketing is devoted to organizing the disorganized elements of Internet Marketing into a comprehensible, understandable series of progressive goals, culminating in you owning your own profitable, online business.

What this means for you

It means you will have

  • A reliable, dependable online income that you control.
  • The ability to successfully take advantage of online income opportunities because you are prepared for them
  • A keen understanding of why the “big boys” of Internet marketing make the big bucks
  • The ability to discern when a new offer is merely shiny, or actually worth the time and money
  • A firm grasp on what your next step should be for your target market and your business
  • The knowledge to confidently build your foundation
  • And a clear feel for where you want to go next as you intensify and diversify

Let me reassure you of one thing

The truth is that the Internet if very forgiving. I can assure you that you can make mistake after mistake, and still come out shining. As long as you focus on learning how to build the foundation of an online business, you can catapult yourself into the exact spot where you want to be found, regardless of how many times you zig when you should zag.

How you learn from me to minimize the zig-zagging

Why do I say “minimize” the zig-zagging? Because no matter how good I, or any of my colleagues are at showing you the ropes, you’re going to want to take off on your own and experiment, and jolly good for you!

Man running at brick wall against a mountain, determined to break through even if it kills him

Experimenting is the only way you will learn what works for your audience and what doesn’t. I do it, Walmart does it, Amazon does it; it’s a standard part of doing business. However, no use wasting your time by trying out new things that have been proven to fail for all audiences. Learn to explore the possibilities in an effective, forward way and butt your head on the brick wall as seldom as possible.

Want to learn how to experiment effectively? Well, you can:

# 1 Just read the articles on No Angst Marketing. You will gain insights seldom presented elsewhere. Every week, knowledge is added that gives you an unfettered glimpse of the word of Internet Marketing and how you can benefit by using it.


#2 By JOIN MY SUBSCRIBERS and be notified each time a new article is published and a new eBook or report is available – some free, some not, get quizzes, surveys, Q&A sessions, min-courses, all sorts of goodies just for my subscribers.