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Annie McGuire

Hi, my name is Annie McGuire

I’m a teacher. I’ve always been a teacher, even as a little kid.

When I see someone struggle with something I know how to do, but I have to keep my mouth shut, it can make me whimper with pain.

The Internet grabbed me in the 90’s and never let go.

The Internet is a magical place, so filled with knowledge that it dwarfs the sacred temples of archives located in the world’s biggest libraries.

For a teaching addict, it’s a paradise beyond measure. Did I mention I’m also a research addict? Yep, that too, and it stood me in good measure for my first online endeavor.

My first web site required massive knowledge, knowledge not found in those magnificent libraries: it centered around the emerging world of Internet fraud, and (blush) I was the first to really capture it’s inception and progress.

That was the “hunting the bad guys down” side of my nonprofit…

I not only studied what was coming down the chute by allowing email addresses I created to be spammed to death by fraudsters, I learned to track emails and nail general fraudster group locations, where they were spreading, and who they were allying with, the marketing tactics they were using, and way, way more. Since this was before Excel, my spreadsheets literally fell off the edges of the old desk in my guestroom.

That was the “hunting down the bad guys” side of my non-profit.

Then there was the victim advocacy side.

I was the the first Fraud Victim Advocate. Yes, it’s true. After advent of Internet fraud, fraud victims were treated as scum and arrested as fraud ring masters, so a buffer was needed between them and the system. What arrested Internet scam victims go through is bloody awful.

Law enforcement had no clue and no indication how to find out about the onslaught – it was all new, it was brilliant, and it hit online society like a tidal wave. Through higher education, the bastards had reduced fraud down to a science, and they were deadly.

I had to learn to help people from all over the world negotiate the aftermath of being scammed.

I listened and asked question after question…

I listened and asked question after question so that I could speak from the viewpoint of terrified victims embedded in cultures ranging from Quebec to Argentina, Myanmar to Kuala Lumpur, across religious sects and implacable family traditions. Thank heaven for those first online translation tools, clunky as they were.

On their behalf, I worked with Law Enforcement, Federal and Local across the US and overseas, including the infamously famous Met Police (Scotland Yard). I worked with both prosecuting attorneys and defense attorneys, navigating the legal system like Magellan on speed.

Eventually, the international online non-profit I built received recognition and awards from Law Enforcement, and the Law Enforcement Support Division continues to this day. I retired in 2011.


It means I’m here for you, as a living, breathing person, not merely as an email address on my list. I listen to you when you reply to my emails. Have a question outside of my emails? Click on “Ask Annie” in the navigation bar. If I don’t have the answer off the top of my head, I sure as hell know where to find it and teach you how to find out more on your own.

It means the content on this site is carefully written to be read from your point of view.

It means that when I ask you a question, I really do want to answer. Why? So I can teach you what you are craving to know in the way you can best digest the information.

It means the words written on this site are carefully chosen to be read from your point of view. Are you at a point in your Internet marketing curve where you’re sad, angry, frustrated, confused, excited, jumping for joy, proud, embarrassed, overwhelmed, not-just-there-yet, looking for the missing piece, first sale, pre-sale, no sale? I get it.

It means this site’s for you, written for where you are in your quest for an online income. Enjoy.