Bad-ass Internet Marketers Are Molded from Bad-ass Internet Wannabe’s

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Ever feel left out because you’ve been called “just a wannabe” or think of yourself as a wannabe because you have yet to find your mojo? Well guess what:

All success stories begin with a wannabe. The more bad-ass the wannabe, the greater the success.

You’re here because you have a dream, and that’s one hell of a start. Plenty of people don’t even know how to formulate a dream. It may be vague or it may be precise; the important thing is that you have one, and that’s what we’re going to build on.


You are bringing something valuable to the table. I don’t care if you’re 18 with no experience – bring your wide-eyed wonder and learning discipline. Maybe you’re a high-paid executive, or a plumber, or the mother of 2 with 2 jobs (wow, you have exactly what it takes); maybe your English isn’t so hot or you’re a drop-out or you have 3 degrees and a doctorate under your belt. Doesn’t matter. You have something unique and grand to work with, to learn with, to mold into an online income. Like that? It’s true.

Know why that’s all good? Because the second you step into the Internet to make an online living, the playing field is leveled. Bang. Regardless of how highfallutin or lowfallutin you are at the moment, you’re stepping into a whole new world that wants to know what you know. It’s plain and simple as that.

You apply your personal experience to enhance your ability to share your personal experience. Pretty cool, huhn?

People relate to who you are, how you think, what you do, how you feel, and your experience. They benefit by relating to what makes you – you.

BENEFIT is the entire concept of the Internet. People jump on the Internet to BENEFIT from it, whether it’s to socialize, do research, teach, shop, find companions, or whatever.

BENEFIT is where you come in. THAT’S how you make money online; by creating a BENEFIT for others.

But, how do you do that?

By using the skills you bring to the table to manage your Internet marketing.


Internet Marketing: the answer to your financial hopes and dreams. To realize the golden rainfall of Internet Marketing, you have to grow the business of it.


“Mommy, you’re scaring me.”

No worries, keep going.

Fear of marketing is not to be snickered at, nor is the anxiety that goes with the fear.

Marketing has been built up as some sort of big hairy monster in the closet when it actually comes with breathing in and out: it’s a natural activity.

Marketing is the mainstay of our ability to get along with others and to get what we want in life. We do it all day, every day, even with ourselves.

A good example of that is talking ourselves into heading to the grocery store now instead of tomorrow when all we want to do is cozy up with a cup of tea and a great movie.

Marketing to others is what we do when we want others to go to our favorite restaurant, to see this or that doctor, to take a must-try supplement, and to click ‘Like’ on Jane’s Facebook page.

Here – give it a try. List 5 times you’ve mentioned something cool to a friend or colleague or family member. It has to be something you are enthusiastic about, that you wanted them to feel enthusiastic about, too. In other words, excited enough to follow through on your suggestion.

That’s marketing in all its glory.

Ahhh, but it feels completely different when you want a total stranger to buy something you are selling, doesn’t it? Yet, you know you have to sell products or services on your own to become financially independent. Ouch.

Plus, you go out on the Internet to learn how to make money online, and you are faced with a deluge of products that are supposed to help you do just that and they all say something different, and they all say, “all you need is …”, and POW! You freeze up like pee in an ice storm.

Well, see, that’s why No Angst Marketing is here.

No Angst Marketing helps you connect the elements of online marketing in an organized, progressive manner.


  • Marketing is the way to build a reliable online income.
  • In order to market reliably, you need a plan
  • To build the plan, you have to know what goes on the blueprint
  • When you try to find out what goes on the blueprint, you are bombarded with a swarm of individual products that touch on blueprint elements with no discernible indication as to what goes where.

And that’s where No Angst Marketing comes in. We show you how to take the facets of Internet marketing and place them on your own blueprint in the most effective order for your goals. Your blueprint, not some generic, one size fits all check list; working outward from your circumstances, not a mere attempt to fit you into the average box.

I’ll teach you how to comfortably connect the dots in such a way that you have an online business of your own, where you are the boss of your destiny, a business that makes you financially secure, come rain or come shine, without having to run aimlessly around the Internet looking for the right answers, so you can spend time whetting your passion, not wandering around in circles.

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